Overview of the Curriculum Programs

Certification Program is now open to international students and students must be enrolled into this Program to be considered for the Career Track. The optional Career Track is for select professionals who want to fast track their business success.

The Core Curriculum: The Certification Program.
6 Modules. Estimated time of completion 18-24 months.

Module 1: Document Examination I

This module will begin with an overview of the Document Examination Profession including the requirements of a Document Examiner, the History of Handwriting, writing systems, exemplars. then, the student begins the basics of identifying characteristics in handwriting as well as factors affecting handwriting and finish with information on building a laboratory and the equipment used in document examination.   Plus, you begin to compare questioned signatures and learn the process of detecting forgeries through experiment, exemplars, and experimentation.

Lessons from the Document Examiner Textbook

13 written assignments.

12 case studies which you render an opinion.

Chapter quizes and two major tests.

10 Faculty Lectures. (Downloadable for mp3 playback.)

3 Telephone tutoring sessions.

Final Exam.

Module 2:   Document Examination II

This module covers the laboratory, photography, computers, scanners, the alteration of documents and forgeries, ink, paper, typewriters, faxes, copiers and begins to discuss the legal proceedings as it relates to document examination testimony.   Plus, the case studies reveal more complex problem solving techniques relating to questioned handwriting samples. You examine real "closed" client cases and render opinions.

More lessons from the Document Examiner Textbook

14 written assignments.

12 case studies which you render an opinion.

Chapter quizes.

10 Faculty Lectures. (Downloadable for mp3 playback.)

3 telephone tutoring sessions.

Final exam.

Module 3:   Advanced Document Examination

This class will utilize the textbook "Handwriting Identification: Facts and Fundamentals".   This class will reinforce material learned in Modules 1 and 2 and expand the students knowledge base utilizing more complex client cases and more scientific terminology.   This module will also address ethics, health issues, age, and reveiw difficult cases and hard-to-spot forgery techniques. You will leave this class sounding like a seasoned veteran when you speak to clients.

Lessons from Handwriting Identification: Facts and Fundamentals

25 tests

12 case studies which you render an opinion in the form of an "official letter of opinion"

12 Faculty Lectures. (Downloadable for mp3 playback.)

3 telephone tutoring sessions.

Final exam.

Module 4: The Professional Expert Witness - Mastering the art of court testimony and depositions.

This module will prepare you to be an invaluable asset to your client as the expert witness relating to key case documents.   You will learn how to prepare yourself and your attorney for depositions, voir dire, court testimony, and even effective witness stand tactics.  

You will also learn about legal rulings & current laws that affect you - the document examiner.   As part of "hands-on training", you will participate in a 'mock trial' which duplicates the court room scenario so you can "drill and perfect" your testifying skills.   This class also includes 12 case studies which you will render opinions as well as prepare each case as if you were going to trial.   Plus, you learn veteran techniques that only attorneys usually know on how to discredit an expert witness and learn the scripted response to rebut each attempted attack.

Techniques to insure you never "freeze" on the witness stand.

12 case studies which you render an opinion in the form of an "official letter of opinion"

Create "court room displays " for each case study.

Review of actual deposition & courtroom transcripts.

10 Faculty Lectures. (Downloadable for mp3 & video playback.)

Final exam and Mock Trial.

Module 5: Business and Marketing Tools for the Document Examiner.

This module will cover business start up processes, business entities, and marketing ideas, sales tools, and techniques.   You will be provided processes, procedures, and forms for managing your office.   And, you will have access to a "gold mine" of marketing & business lectures by the most recognized name in handwriting: Bart Baggett.   Bart will reveal the exact processes he uses to run his practice and turned himself into the most talked about handwriting expert in the world.

While taking this module you are taught the fundamentals of officially launching a business, a website, dealing with competition, hiring employees, designing advertising materials, and writing a business and marketing plan. Plus, key resources for marketing and advertising the competition does not know about.

Your business plan will be complete.

12 case studies which you render an opinion.

6 business and marketing tests.

8 Faculty Lectures. (Downloadable for mp3 playback.)

3 telephone tutoring sessions.

Final exam.

Module 6:   Proficiency Testing and Apprenticeship .

This module is the most personal and interactive with our faculty and includes the assignment of a faculty mentor for your "active cases".   It involves locating actual clients and working with clients on real cases, which you get paid. Passing this class requires you complete and render opinions on 10 active cases under the supervision of a mentor. Because this is the final module, this module also contains the proficiency tests which you must pass in order to graduate. If your lucky, one of your ten cases will go to court and you will graduate already "court qualified."

Assignment of your personal Faculty Mentor .

10 real paying client cases which you render an opinion in the form of an "official letter of opinion."

Start earning real money from real clients and experience the process from phone call to witness stand.

Work hand-in-hand with a seasoned professional, so your first ten client cases are mistake-free and you get veteran supervision.

Final Exam & Profiency Tests.

Optional Curriculum: The Career Track Coaching & Marketing Program.
Monthly modules. 36 months. You work directly with Bart Baggett.

The Career Track Program

This program is a professional's program designed to fast track your document examination education into a full-time business.   Only selected students will be accepted into this program where you work in partnership for 36 months with Bart Baggett and his internet marketing team to find, attract, and keep document examination customers. Upon completion of the program, your business will be thriving, your website ranked atop the search engines, and you will have repeat customers.

If accepted, your name and website will be marketed alongside the top document examiners in the business leveraging the high volume traffic of our family of websites and top search engine ranking.   Plus, as part of your monthly benefits, we direct leads and clients to you and reveal to you Bart's marketing methodology. 

We advertise for you. More leads = more customers.

We handle all accounting and payments issues.

You get a monthly marketing coaching call with Bart Baggett.

You get extended mentoring and case support.

Expert website design and marketing strategy.

Earn money each month from real clients.


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