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Congratulations on pursuing a new career as an expert document examiner. We are now accepting applications and deposits for the next semester. We are limiting our class size this year from specific countries and cities to enhance profitibility and limit direct competition.

Complete your application for interview right away to be considered for one of these valuable spots in our highly acclaimed Certification Program & Business Mentoring Program.

If you are ready to learn more information and be considered for our pgram, please scroll down and submit an online Application for Interview.

The next class will start as in the coming few weeks. We are very selective about students we accept. We have a strict criteria of character, education, and location. We are very selective because we are comitted to your success.

Therefore please submit the quick online application right away and book your first interview with us, this week.

Plus, financing is available for some of the tuition. If you are not able to pre-pay the entire tuition, early submission of your application is a must so our team can assist you in completing the loan application paperwork for our US Based line of credit financial aid team. We currently do not have banks or institutions for non-US residents financial aid. We are still looking. : )

We have assembled all the necessary information about the program, prices, policies, class curriculum, and FAQ inside this website.

If you are to ready get more information, just answer the few questions and submit your Application for and Interview.

Do not delay putting your application in for the next Semester so you can "lock in" the tuition prices and confirm you are the only student in your location.

Download Program Applications and Forms Here.

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Yes. I want to an interview and talk more about the program. Submit my online application now.

Fees for the "Certification Course":

6 Module Core Curriculum, Mentoring, Proficiency Tests,& Certification

Core Curriculum for Classes, Mentoring, and Certification
Tuition $25,000 

Revenue Sharing
US and Canadians students will have the opportunity to partner with us and start working right way. You will begin to share in the revenue right away. Ask for details and if you qualify.

Mentorship and 2-4 year Business Partnerships Revenue Share & Business Training fee applies. You will invest an additional $1000 a month which can be paid from actual revenue in a revenue sharing model. You have the option of continuing the marketing partnership after year 4, if you choose to stay a member of the marketing co-op so you have a marketing team to support you over the next decade.


Yes, I am completing the online application and look forward to a face to face video interview.

Yes, I'm ready to start my new career as a document examiner. I will invest the time that it takes to become an expert and complete the curriculum to earn my "Certification."

*Each year, classes are limited to just 12 select students around the USA and a few more from other countries. IIn-office apprenticeships are very selective and not open to all students. If your application is accepted, you will start in the next available student slot, or be added to a waiting list for the next semester. If your application is denied, any application fee will be refunded in full.

If you have already received extensive forensic document examination training or you are already working in the field... you might be looking for a "Certificate" or "Proficiency Tests" and not more training. If this is the case, please contact our International Headquarters for guidelines, qualifications, and pricing for for our "Proficiency Tests" and " "Certification Testing" programs. This is ideal for working examiners in countries worldwide.

We're here to answer all of your questions before your enrollment.
Contact us by email, or at the phone number below.


The School of Forensic Document Examination

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Our Faculty has been featured on CNN, Court TV, CNBC, Fox News, and many other credible news media worldwide. We are the worldwide leader in handwriting related certifications and trainings.