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Official Refund Policy for the International School

All students who apply and pay a deposit to attend our onilne distance learning program and / or the "on site" mentoring program are entitled to a full refund if your application is denied.

However, once you are accepted into the program and you sign you agreements, you are responsible for the entire tuition of that program, regardless of whether or not you attend classes, pass, fail, or get expelled. There is no refunds of any kind issued after you sign the business agreement and enrollment paperwork. This is a school with classes, teachers, and live trainings which move forward with or without everyone who is enrolled.

This policy is cleary stated and agreed to in writing (signature and notarized) by each student before class begins, in addition to this online notice.

If you have a medical emergency or ANY reason you cannot attend class, you will be given a preferential position in the next upcoming class (space available) and again, no refunds will be issued. If you are not based in the USA, then you will incurr additional expenses for travel, Visas, and on-site mentoring. Please factor that into your decision to enroll and participate. We are not responsible for a Visa being denied or travel restrictions.

If you are not satisfied with the mentoring or quality of education, you can file ask for a different teacher/ instructor and file a complaint with our board of resolution. We will gladly assign you a different teacher and make sure you get the quality of education and business development support that every other student and graduate receives, which enables them to start and succeed in this business.


Policy updated on May 1, 2019

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